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General Information & Highlights

It can make high resolution and much higher quality prints with 2400 dpi and 5 Picolitre drop size on materials of different properties and thicknesses (100 mm) that can be used in many sectors. UV FlatBed ensures that the material to be printed is tightly gripped with the powerful quadro local vacuum system designed for the printing system. Thanks to this grip, it is possible to make photo quality prints from a height of 1.8 mm on the material to be printed. Many products such as UV Glass printing, UV Wood printing can be printed with KCXL UV Printing machine.


Color Scale

CMYK + White + Lc + Lm + Varnish

Drop Volume

5 pl.

Ink Types


Machine Size 2512

2200 mm x 5220 mm x 1530 mm

Machine Size 3020

3000 mm x 5800 mm x 1530 mm

Machine Weight

1370 - 2500 kg.

Power Requirements

230v (+/-) 10% / 40A / 50HZ / 60HZ

Print Heads

Konica Minolta 1024İ - Ricoh GEN6

Print Height

100 mm

Print Resolution

Konica 2880dpi - Ricoh 2400 Dpi

Print Speed Up to

180 m2/s

Print Table Area

2500 mm x 1520 mm / 3050 mm x 2050 mm

Printhead Quantity

16 Max.

RIP Software

PhotoPrint / Caldera (Opsiyonel)

Print Samples